About Us

Doğusel Marine Furniture, whose foundations were laid in 1958 in Istanbul, moved to Kocaeli – Körfez region, which is the most important source of Turkish industry and exports, in 1976 to reach the heart of the maritime sector at the request of Marmara Shipyard and has been continuing its activities here.
Doğusel Marine Furniture, whose basic target is to become a leader in the sector, to make a difference by keeping continuous development and change at the forefront, and to provide permanent superiority with high quality and strong relationships in all areas, with more than half a century of experience, it has been bringing life to the wood with the skilful touches of its master hands and has been experiencing the pride and happiness of having touched the lives of the average 45,000 ship’s employees with 187 new shipbuilding and numerous ship repairs since it was founded.